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 The Village Green, Stanningfield

The use and enjoyment of the Green is for everyone and has over recent years been enhanced by the Parish Council with facilities for the younger residents. Most recently, the play area has been fenced for safety of the children and to keep dogs out of the play area.

Laws concerning Village Greens date back to Medieval times, however in 1937 Colonel Hambro of Coldham Hall, as Lord of the Manor was granted Manorial Rights over the Green and that he and the Parish Council “Could exercise complete command over the Green and therefore share the duty of protecting and maintaining it”

In recent times the Council has adapted to residents’ requests to stop parking along the Green track from Chapel Road to the Allotment entrance, by placing “No Parking” signs.

All allotment holders are encouraged to park in the grassed area leading to the allotments.

An agreement was reached with the residents from the old bakery to the entrance to the Allotments to erect a low fence (which the residents paid for) to stop any further encroachment of the Green. There has also been a business operated from the Old Bakery over many years, indeed at one time a track ran directly from this premises straight across the green to Chapel Road.

Over the last few weeks there have been a number of separate complaints from Stanningfield residents, regarding the Village Green, the Green in Smithy Close, the Allotments and the Bridleway from The Grange to Great Saxes Farm.

The Parish Council have in recent years always tried to address any issues or problems by speaking on a personal basis to those concerned, in the same way as Councillors make themselves available to residents, rather than insisting on a formal letter of complaint or attendance at a Parish Council Meeting.

We are, after all, a small community where most people know each other. As such there has never been any attempt to cause anyone stress, worry or hurt.

We think it is fair to say there are times when residents have visitors they will park around the Green. As long as no one is affected by this and no damage is done to the Green there is no objection.

On the side of the Green by the War Memorial and along Hoggards Green we continually ask Carers, Builders, and family members to park along Bury Road by the pavement to prevent damage.

We have also, in the past, required Havebury to return and repair damage caused by their workmen parking their vans making it difficult for vehicles to pass.

As already stated, there have been a number of complaints in recent weeks, some of which were regarding people parking and damaging the Green, we are not singling anyone out, but asking that everyone around the Green not to park on or cause damage or erosion to the grass areas of the Green.

We would like to thank everyone for helping to take care and look after our beautiful Village Green.

If you would like more information regarding this issue please feel free to write to the Clerk of the Council or attend a Parish Council meeting, all details are available on this Village Website.

Nicola Glading  BC&S Clerk  November 2020


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