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Our Villages

Our parish is called 'Bradfield Combust with Stanningfield' because it includes the two villages which are adjacent to one another. Historically, Stanningfield was a small hamlet, but in recent years has grown considerably. Bradfield Combust was the main seat of an important medieval manor, and from the 17th century influenced greatly by the Young family at Bradfield Hall.

It made sense in 1978 for the parish boundary to be redrawn to include both villages in one parish, and the interests of both villages equally to be represented by a single parish council.

Amenities are shared between all residents of both Stanningfield village and Bradfield Combust village, especially the excellent village hall which is open for bookings, events etc.. Stanningfield has a very active Village Association. There are three churches in the parish - All Saints church of England and the Methodist Church in Bradfield Combust, and St Nicholas' church of England in Stanningfield.

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